President & Chairman of the Board’s Letter

Celebrating Milestones

This fall marks a historic milestone for the Ounce of Prevention Fund: the 15th anniversary of Educare Chicago. From its roots in the Beethoven Project housed in the Robert Taylor Homes to the model of high-quality early childhood education that we know today, Educare Chicago has been pivotal to many of the advances the Ounce has made over the past 15 years.

Each year, 150 children from low-income families have access at the school to the high-quality early experiences that are the building blocks for success in school and in life. They play, learn, explore and investigate. They develop important social-emotional skills—confidence, curiosity, empathy, self-regulation. And most importantly, they learn that what they think, want and need matters.

It is not only children who gain at Educare Chicago. We all do. We partner with parents to build their own confidence as their child’s staunchest ally and biggest champion. We learn from our leaders, teachers and staff what is working and what to improve. We explore new ideas and approaches. We develop, test, learn and refine. And we showcase the impact of high-quality early learning to influence public leaders.

The impact of Educare Chicago is not limited to the 150 children and their families served each year. The impact is felt in all that we do at the Ounce.

Celebrating 15 Years (Drawing)

As we think about early learning progress over the life of Educare Chicago—the past 15 years—we’re amazed. There has been more national attention on early childhood education, more work in developing early learning practitioners, a renewed focus on the importance of quality and a growing understanding of education as a continuum that begins at birth. In just this year, we’ve made significant strides in helping unlock the potential of the 6 million young children living in poverty in this country.

This is mission-critical work, and we cannot do it alone. We are proud to partner with other advocates, experts and researchers; with local, state and federal governments; with community-based programs and national organizations; and with business leaders, parents, philanthropists and all champions for young children.

In the coming pages, join us as we celebrate Educare Chicago’s 15th anniversary and learn how it has been a catalyst for so much growth in early learning over the past 15 years. To those of you who have been with us since the beginning of the Educare journey and those who have joined the adventure along the way, we are grateful for your support and look forward to achieving many more milestones together.

Diana Mendley Rauner Signature

Diana Mendley Rauner

Anne Lea Tuohy Signature

Anne Lea Tuohy
Chairman of the Board

Fifteen years of Progress (Timeline)

Strong Leaders, Strong Programs, Better Outcomes

Imagine if all 3.8 million children entering kindergarten each year were prepared for what lies ahead. There is a proven way to make that happen: Give all children access to quality early childhood education.

We know that strong early learning programs begin with strong leaders; we’ve seen this at Educare Chicago and early learning programs throughout our Head Start grantee network. It’s this simple truth that led us to explore what makes a strong leader. Funded by a federal Investing in Innovation grant, the Ounce worked with four early learning programs to understand the impact leaders can have and the levers they can use to improve child outcomes.

What did we learn? When leaders build organizations that support ongoing professional learning embedded in the day-to-day routine of their programs, they fuel more impactful teaching and learning in classrooms. And that, ultimately, leads to better child outcomes. In fact, we saw an increase of 67% in the number of classrooms providing high-impact teaching practices at the levels shown to improve outcomes for children.

Drawn Row of Ducklings

Building on our success with the Investing in Innovation grant, the Ounce, with funding from Illinois’ Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge grant and in partnership with the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership at National Louis University, implemented our new Lead Learn Excel program over the past year in Illinois. Lead Learn Excel is helping early learning leaders strengthen the quality of their programs, as measured by the state’s quality recognition and improvement system, ExceleRate Illinois.

Lead Learn Excel was launched with an ambitious goal: Extend our work from four programs to support 250 programs throughout Illinois. Working with the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development, the Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois’ Department of Human Services, the Ounce recruited the first cohort that began the program this year.

The Lead Learn Excel program emphasizes three core concepts: leader excellence, professional learning excellence and instructional excellence.

Strong leaders drive strong outcomes. Research proves that instructional leadership and strong organizations are linked to improved teaching and child learning outcomes. We can have an exponential impact as each leader supports a team of teachers, who in turn each serve even more children.

I want to practice my new way of coaching immediately! Start a new way of asking probing questions, and develop creative and individual learning plans for teachers. The wealth of knowledge I’ve received from Lead Learn Excel has me excited about the rest of the school year and any challenge ahead.
–Oriana Wilson, Edwards Center for Young Learners

Pulling teachers out of the classroom for siloed training days is not effective professional development. Professional learning as a part of everyday practice fuels continuous improvement. When teachers are encouraged to develop and learn, it feeds collaboration and instructional improvement.

Instructional excellence happens when leaders and teachers partner to intentionally plan how best to improve learning outcomes for children. Strong leaders guide teachers to consider children’s progress and to design learning opportunities that effectively promote each child’s learning and development. This leads to the kind of excellent classroom interactions and instruction that prepare children for kindergarten.

As we work intensively with local programs in this first phase of Lead Learn Excel, we will continue to develop shareable resources and tools to create the high-impact learning experiences that will ensure all 3.8 million children entering kindergarten are prepared.

Thank you to the generous donors who made this work possible:
Alvin H. Baum Family Fund, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Crown Family, James P. & Brenda S. Grusecki, Harris Family Foundation, Northern Trust, Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation, Diane Rickles Pekow, Polk Bros. Foundation, Prince Charitable Trusts, Stranahan Foundation

Extending Quality, Strengthening Communities

A strong early learning program can have a ripple effect in the community, creating jobs, contributing to the economy and, most importantly, helping to increase access to quality early experiences beyond the walls of the school itself. These early learning centers act as quality hubs in their communities, positively impacting more than just the children and families they directly serve.

In 2000, the Ounce opened Educare Chicago, and it became a model of high-quality early childhood education. It informed policy and drove improvements throughout Illinois’ early learning system. Soon after, the Buffett Early Childhood Fund began developing the second and third Educare schools in Omaha, Nebraska and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From there, the national Educare network—a partnership between the Ounce and Buffett Early Childhood Fund—was born and now includes 21 schools.

Now we are extending high-quality practices even further. The Ounce, with assistance from the Irving Harris Foundation and the Buffett Early Childhood Fund, supported Educare organizations across the country in applying for new federal Early Head Start–Child Care Partnership grants. These grants help Early Head Start programs extend quality into local child care programs, benefiting children from birth to age three. Thirteen Educare organizations were awarded grants, reaching an additional 2,200 children with high-quality early learning.

The Ounce was also instrumental in fueling high-quality access in Illinois by partnering with schools across the state to apply for these federal grants. The city of Chicago was awarded the largest grant in the nation to serve more than 1,100 additional children and tapped the Ounce for technical assistance in building these partnerships.

Drawn astronaut boy

With eight delegates in our own Early Head Start and Head Start grantee network, the Ounce is a leader in helping programs meet and exceed Early Head Start standards. Because of this, the city sought Ounce support with the programs that posed the most potential challenges in meeting the grant’s quality requirements: family child care homes. The Ounce was asked to provide training, guidance and practical tools to help these family child care homes—many of which had never been exposed to the level and depth of requirements like those of Early Head Start—meet the quality standards. The Ounce is working with several Chicago programs, including SGA Youth & Family Services, which was awarded funding to support 42 additional children across 11 family child care home programs.

In the case of SGA, the Ounce helped ensure it is organizationally equipped to take on the challenges of creating a network of family child care homes. We drew on our experience monitoring quality among our own grantees to help SGA create tracking systems to ensure its new partners are meeting Early Head Start standards.

What we are accomplishing with SGA and its partners is important work. SGA is embracing its new role, and the family child care homes are eager to learn and improve their early childhood practices.
–Candice Percansky, Ounce project director

The Ounce is also providing hands-on support to the family child care homes in SGA’s new network. Many of the providers serve at least 12 children, ranging in age from birth to eight years. From how to set up the space to the optimal ratio for infants and toddlers, the Ounce helped define what quality looks like for their youngest children and how to integrate that into a multi-age program. Most importantly, we trained the providers in delivering developmentally appropriate care that will help young children build the social-emotional skills that are the foundation of future learning.

Through Early Head Start–Child Care Partnerships work, we are fine-tuning our knowledge of how to extend quality from a center out into the community. We continue to seek all opportunities like this to further radiate quality and reach every early learning program, ensuring all children are nurtured and inspired from birth.

Thank you to the generous donors who made this work possible:
Buffet Early Childhood Fund, Irving Harris Foundation, Grand Victoria Foundation, Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Pritzker Children’s Initiative

The Ounce of Prevention Fund gives children in poverty the best chance for success in school and in life by advocating for and providing the highest-quality care and education from birth to age five.

Enhancing the Educational Continuum

Educare Chicago and schools throughout the nationwide network of Educare schools continue to prove that quality early learning increases children’s kindergarten readiness and gives them the skills and tools to be successful throughout their educational career. Yet research also shows that the gains made in early learning can be at risk when children enter the K–12 system.

An aligned approach to public education can close the achievement gap and sustain early education gains for our most vulnerable children. If schools provide children with consistently effective teaching and family support spanning the birth-to-college learning continuum, all children will benefit. But because of the complexity of the work, few school districts are implementing an aligned strategy effectively. We believe that there is a great deal of potential in an aligned approach and that if it is supported effectively, school districts can see positive gains. Birth-to-college alignment efforts launched at Educare Chicago came to fruition this year and fueled promising new activities and approaches.

In 2009, the Ounce and the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute (UEI) partnered to form the Birth-to-College Collaborative to provide families with access to seamless high-quality education from birth through secondary school. This year, we launched an online toolkit that captured learnings from this collaborative in a series of implementation guides and other resources that are designed to help schools and districts across the country undertake complex alignment work.

Drawn picture of child's head with symbols inside

The Ounce and the UEI also held the inaugural Excellence in the Early Grades: District Leadership Summit in Chicago in late March. The summit highlighted innovative alignment models and district-level policy and practice designed to achieve better student outcomes. After attending in-depth seminars and having opportunities to network with other committed local leaders, district education leaders—including superintendents, assistant superintendents and school board members—left with inspiring new ideas for approaching this critical work in their own districts.

This event was a huge success, bringing together more than 150 leaders from 18 states and 43 districts across the country. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with participants reporting that what they learned will help improve their alignment strategies.

I believe this Birth-to-College Collaborative Toolkit is a valuable resource for groups across our nation trying to build or strengthen their comprehensive system of support for children and families. At this time in our P-21 journey, we no longer have to convince schools and communities that we need to align; I get daily calls with requests on “how to do it.”
– Linda Sullivan Dudzic, special programs director for Bremerton School District, Washington

The Ounce built on this momentum with hands-on consulting with districts on their alignment strategies. One example was in North Chicago. The Ounce was instrumental in helping North Chicago Community Unit School District 187 build its capacity to expand early childhood services. The district was awarded a Preschool Expansion Grant to open the Green Bay Early Childhood Center to provide full-day preschool to 280 students. And with a grant from the Lake County Community Foundation, the Ounce was able to initiate a community planning process and lay the foundation for an aligned early childhood community system to better serve North Chicago families.

Our work with the Early Learning Hub, Inc. in Marion and Polk Counties, Oregon is another example of the impact an aligned strategy can have. The Ounce engaged with the Early Learning Hub to support its implementation of a $4 million Kindergarten Partnership & Innovation Fund (KPI) grant. We provided support in educating school district leadership and key stakeholders on the importance of partnerships among elementary schools, early learning services, and families and the community. Recently, the legislature approved $5 million in new funding for the grant and increased the role of early learning hubs in implementing new state initiatives.

Thank you to the generous donors who made this work possible:
Foundation for Child Development, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Lake County Community Foundation, Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Steans Family Foundation


Preliminary and unaudited: year ended June 30, 2015


2015 Revenue Chart

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Financial Position Chart

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Lifetime Giving

The Ounce is proud to recognize the following donors for their significant lifetime investment in the Ounce and its mission to help all children achieve their potential.

$10,000,000 OR MORE

Buffett Early Childhood Fund Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Irving Harris Foundation Joan & Irving∞ Harris W.K. Kellogg Foundation Helen & Sam Zell, Zell Family Foundation

$5,000,000 TO $9,999,999

Robert R. McCormick Foundation J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation

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Alliance for Early Success Anonymous (2) Bezos Family Foundation Jacolyn & John Bucksbaum CME Group Foundation The Crown Family Early Childhood Funders’ Collaborative/BUILD Marilyn & Larry Fields Finnegan Family Foundation Grand Victoria Foundation Harris Family Foundation/   Linda & Bill Friend   Caryn & King Harris   Katherine P. Harris   Stephanie & John Harris   Toni & Dr. Ronald Paul   Pam & Dr. Joseph Szokol The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation The Joyce Foundation George Kaiser Family Foundation Anne & Burt∞ Kaplan Harriet & Ulrich Meyer Northern Trust Diane Rickles Pekow∞ Pittway Corporation Charitable Foundation Polk Bros. Foundation Flower Bouquet (Drawing) Rauner Family Foundation Michael Reese Health Trust Cari & Michael J. Sacks Steans Family Foundation W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation

$500,000 TO $999,999

Anonymous The Chicago Community Trust D & R Fund Robert Heaton Heising-Simons Foundation Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation Charles Stewart Mott Foundation The David & Lucile Packard Foundation Catherine Siegel Catherine & Howard Siegel Stranahan Foundation

$250,000 TO $499,999

Anonymous Susan & Steve Baird Alvin H. Baum Family Fund The Boeing Company Cartwright Foundation Nancy & Steve Crown Evanston Community Foundation Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation Keith & Rodney Goldstein Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation JPMorgan Chase & Co. Louis R. Lurie Foundation John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation The McCall Family Foundation Pew Charitable Trusts/Pre-K Now The Albert Pick, Jr. Fund Prince Charitable Trusts Pritzker Early Childhood Foundation The Rothkopf Family Diana & Michael Sands Dr. Scholl Foundation Anne & John Tuohy Voices for Illinois Children

$100,000 TO $249,999

Allstate Insurance Company Anonymous (2) AptarGroup Charitable Foundation Donna Barrows Prue & Frank Beidler Bloomberg Philanthropies The Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation BMO Harris Bank Firetruck (drawing) Helen Brach Foundation Brady Education Foundation Terri & Robert∞ Cohn The Commonwealth Fund The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Educational Foundation of America Melissa Sage Fadim, Sage Foundation GATX Corporation James P. & Brenda S. Grusecki Gustafson Family Charitable Foundation/Patti & Allen Gustafson Julie & Parker∞ Hall Rusty & Samuel Hellman Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (INCCRRA) Howard Ellsworth Jessen The Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation Timothy & Elizabeth Landon Liz & Eric Lefkofsky Martha∞ & Albert H.∞ MacLeod Malott Family Foundation Colonel Stanley R. McNeil Foundation David and Laura Merage Foundation Paul Metzger & Sarah Bradley PNC Bank Earl and Brenda Shapiro Foundation Linda & Mike Simon Visiting Nurse Association Foundation The Oprah Winfrey Foundation Woods Fund of Chicago William & Kristen Woolfolk
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The Ounce is grateful to the following donors for their long-time commitment to the Ounce through consecutive annual donations.


Billie Wright Adams, M.D. Donna Barrows Mr. & Mrs. Donald Belgrad Blum-Kovler Foundation Eloise Cornelius The Crown Family Jim & Susan Florsheim Harris Family Foundation/   Linda & Bill Friend   Caryn & King Harris   Katherine P. Harris   Stephanie & John Harris   Toni & Dr. Ronald Paul   Pam & Dr. Joseph Szokol Irving Harris Foundation Robert Heaton Rusty & Samuel Hellman Edgar D. & Deborah∞ Jannotta Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lifton Henry & Elsie Loeb Robert R. McCormick Foundation Paul Metzger & Sarah Bradley J. Clifford Moos Northern Trust Polk Bros. Foundation Jill & Ron Rohde Dr. Scholl Foundation Judy & Tom Scorza Barbara & Walter Scott Steans Family Foundation Anne & John Tuohy Bernice Weissbourd Helen & Sam Zell


Elisabeth & William Adams Anonymous (4) Susan & Steve Baird Linda & Robert Barrows Judith G. Bertacchi John & Vicki Bitner & Holly Bitner Duck The Boeing Company Ellen & Laurence Bronska Jacolyn & John Bucksbaum Buffett Early Childhood Fund Sara Chaffetz CME Group Foundation Shari & Mark Coe, Coe Capital Management, LLC Patricia Cox D & R Fund Kelly King Dibble Lynn Donaldson & Cameron Avery Early Childhood Funders’ Collaborative/BUILD Lois & Steve Eisen Gail & Richard Elden Deborah & David Epstein Erikson Institute Marshall and Jamee Field Family Fund Marilyn & Larry Fields Jay & Phylis Frankel Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation John & Weezie Gates Thomas Geers Keith & Rodney Goldstein Grand Victoria Foundation Richard & Mary Gray Sue & Melvin Gray Cabray Haines & David Kiley Janet & Bob Helman Illinois Action for Children Justine Jentes & Daniel Kuruna The Joyce Foundation JPMorgan Chase & Co. George Kaiser Family Foundation Anne L. Kaplan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keiser Donor Advised Fund W.K. Kellogg Foundation Alan & Sophia King Mary & Donald Kirwan Sherry & Alan Koppel Timothy & Elizabeth Landon Fifi & Ron Levin Elaine & Donald Levinson Mr. & Mrs. John S. Lillard The Malkin Family Arthur Mead Martin Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation Rick & Susie Mayer Gary Missner Morrison Family Foundation Laura & David Nadler Robert Perelman & Mary Lee Barker Prince Charitable Trusts J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation Diana & Bruce Rauner Raul I. Raymundo Boy with Chalk Drawing Pearl H. Rieger Julie Roin & Saul Levmore Harvey E. Rosenthal & Beverly A. Rosenthal Rothkopf Family Foundation Cari & Michael J. Sacks Bettylu & Paul Saltzman Maggie & Eric Scheyer Jean Schlemmer John & Ruth Sellers Ilene & Michael Shaw Charitable Trust Catherine Siegel Howard Siegel Cheryl & Craig Simon Linda & Mike Simon Mr. Robert Stillman & Ms. Janet Surkin W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation Don & Pamela Neal Suter Ken & Kathy Tallering Robin Loewenberg Tebbe & Mark Tebbe Coleman Tuggle & Deborah Daro Nancy & Harry∞ Vincent Sheri & Sherwin Zuckerman
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Annual Donors

The Ounce honors all our donors for their gifts, pledges and payments this year from July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015.

$1,000,000 & ABOVE

Buffett Early Childhood Fund+ The Crown Family+ Finnegan Family Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation W.K. Kellogg Foundation Pritzker Children’s Initiative Rauner Family Foundation+ Cari & Michael J. Sacks+ Steans Family Foundation+ Helen & Sam Zell+

$500,000 TO $999,999

Irving Harris Foundation+ The Joyce Foundation Robert R. McCormick Foundation+

$100,000 TO $499,999

Anonymous (2) Susan & Steve Baird+ Bezos Family Foundation+ CME Group Foundation Girl Holding Flower (drawing) Early Childhood Funders’ Collaborative/BUILD Marilyn & Larry Fields+ Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation Keith & Rodney Goldstein+ Grand Victoria Foundation Harris Family Foundation+/   Linda & Bill Friend   Caryn & King Harris   Katherine P. Harris   Stephanie & John Harris   Toni & Dr. Ronald Paul   Pam & Dr. Joseph Szokol Heising-Simons Foundation Howard Ellsworth Jessen George Kaiser Family Foundation David and Laura Merage Foundation Northern Trust+ The David and Lucile Packard Foundation Diana & Michael Sands+ Catherine Siegel+ W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation Stranahan Foundation William & Kristen Woolfolk

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Alvin H. Baum Family Fund BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois+ The Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation BMO Harris Bank+ The Boeing Company+ Jane & David Casper+ Nancy & Steve Crown+ James P. & Brenda S. Grusecki Rusty & Samuel Hellman+ Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation Paul Metzger & Sarah Bradley+ Polk Bros. Foundation Sunshine Charitable Foundation+

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Allstate Insurance Company+ Anonymous Prue & Frank Beidler+ The Brinson Foundation Jacolyn & John Bucksbaum+ Crain’s Chicago Business+ D & R Fund ITW+ Malott Family Foundation Prince Charitable Trusts J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation+ Splash, A Chicago Sun-Times Publication+ Trish & Glen Tullman+

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Wendy & Jim Abrams+ The J. R. Albert Foundation Paul M. Angell Family Foundation Anonymous+ Curt R. Bailey, Related Midwest+ Donna Barrows Rita & John Canning, The Canning Foundation+ Chicago Tribune Media Group+ Dr. & Mrs. Michael DeVan Anne & Don Edwards+ Fran & John Edwardson Jacky & Michael Ferro, Sun-Times Foundation+ Tom Gimbel+ Karen Z. Gray Daniel P. Haerther Charitable Trust The Mary M. Hasten Foundation David Herro & Jay Franke+ Hannah & Gary Hirschberg+ Anne L. Kaplan+ Dolores Kohl Kaplan+ Mr. & Mrs. Michael Keiser Donor Advised Fund The Lake County Community Foundation Fifi & Ron Levin, Goldman, Sachs & Co.+ The Malkin Family+ Rika & Joe Mansueto Morrison Family Foundation Sunshine and Stars (Drawing) Laura & David Nadler Michelle & Anu Parekh+ PNC Bank+ Rothkopf Family Foundation+ Lydia & Pat Ryan, Ryan Enterprises Group+ Dr. Scholl Foundation The Seabury Foundation Howard Siegel+ Julie & Brian Simmons+ Linda & Mike Simon+ Irvin Stern Foundation Ken & Kathy Tallering+ Tina & Byron Trott+ Anne & John Tuohy+

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James C. Allen Charitable Foundation Anonymous (3) Ariel Investments+ Axiom Consulting Partners, LLC+ Linda & Robert Barrows Carol Lavin Bernick Family Foundation+ Noelle C. Brock+ Colliers International+ Michelle L. Collins+ Erikson Institute+ Barbara & James Ferry Paula & Tim Friedman Jill Garling & Tom Wilson+ John & Weezie Gates+ LaSalle Network+ Leonard C. Goodman+ The Grainger Foundation Anne Dias Griffin+ Cabray Haines & David Kiley+ Brad Henderson, The Boston Consulting Group+ Justine Jentes & Daniel Kuruna+ JPMorgan Chase & Co.+ Timothy & Elizabeth Landon+ Elaine & Donald Levinson+ Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago+ MacLean-Fogg Company+ Rick & Susie Mayer+ Janet & Andrew Miller+ Sheila & Arthur Nielsen Sharon Oberlander+ Peoples Gas+ Pierce Family Foundation Michael & Tanya Polsky+ Deborah & Stephen Quazzo+ Tom & Cece Ricketts+ Manny Sanchez & Pat Pulido Sanchez, Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman LLP+ Jean Schlemmer+ Cheryl & Craig Simon+ Jerry & Judy Spigal State Farm+ Robin and Sandy Stuart Fund Don & Pamela Neal Suter+ Mr. & Mrs. William R. Tobey Rick Tuttle+ Edward J. Wehmer, Wintrust+ Beth & Bruce White+ Tim Wichman Sheri & Sherwin Zuckerman+

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Ellen Alberding & Kelly Welsh+ Anonymous Apollo Education Group+ Baxter International Inc.+ Blum-Kovler Foundation William and Joan Brodsky Foundation+ The John Buck Company Foundation+ Dee Dee & Rick Chesley+ Chicago Board Options Exchange+ Shari & Mark Coe, Coe Capital Management, LLC+ Eloise Cornelius+ Patricia O. Cox+ Kelly King Dibble+ DigitasLBi+ DiMeo Schneider & Associates, L.L.C.+ DLA Piper+ Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP+ Deborah & David Epstein+ Joseph & Bessie Feinberg Foundation+ Marshall and Jamee Field Family Fund Jim & Karen Frank+ Frequency540, LLC+ Susan & Herb Getz+ Grant Thornton LLP+ Skip & Meg Herman+ Illinois Action for Children+ Mary Ittelson+ Jefferies LLC+ Johnson & Bell, Ltd.+ Martin J. & Patricia Koldyke+ Learning Resources, Inc.+ Medix+ Alexandra Nichols+ Nicor Gas+ Ruth O’Brien & Stuart Rice+ Virginia F. Oviedo+ Debra Pacchiano & Jeffrey Wagner+ Flowers and Shooting Stars (drawing) RMB Capital+ Joshua Rogers & Lesley Weisenbacher+ Patrick G. & Shirley W. Ryan Foundation+ Michael A. Sachs+ Judy & Tom Scorza Will & Sandy Sterling+ Leah Taylor+ Tod’s Richard & Nadine Woldenberg+

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Geraghty Eric Gershenson, Collaboration for Early Childhood Care & Education Kelly Ginley Lesley Glasgow Robert & Linda Glick Ethel & Bill Gofen Paula & Sam Golden Linda & Wayne Goldstein Eric Gomoll Caroline Goodson Judy Gordon Barbara & Robert Graham Laura Graham Leslie Graham Alison & Gerald Greenberg Joyce & Russell Greenblatt Joseph Gregoire Nanette & Irvin Greif, Jr. Laurel D. Greiman Ginger & Hollis Griffin Ellen & Marvin Gross Cornelia Grumman & Jim Warren Ellen & Ed Gualtieri Marjorie E. Habermann Christina Hachikian Amy Haggarty Jessica Schwartz Hahn Gabriel Hakim & Laura Franklin Sana Hakim Bob & Jen Hall Dr. Vinni Maria Hall Peggy Hamil Christa Hamilton Larry & Vicki Handwerk Tom & Nancy Hanson Lynn Harris Corey & Melissa Harrison Bronwen & Warren Haskel Sally Havlis Thomas W. Hayes Kathryn Hempel & Curt Warner The Hertwig Family Barbara Hertwig Lori A. Hess Gail Hodges Sarah & Brett Holcomb David Holmes Elizabeth Hopson Patricia Horsch Karen & Tom Howell Maria de Santaren Hubbard Kirsten Ekdahl Hull Kaitlyn Hwang Jesse Ilhardt Robbie Ingrassia Tiffany & Jeremy Irving Darrell B. Jackson Andrea Jacobs Ted R. Jadwin & Ellen J. Morris Jasleen Jaswal Allissa Jaurais John & Krissan Jennings Andrew Jesse Lea Jesse Deena John Heather Jane Johnston Lily Kanter Ronald S. Katch Kelsey Kates Mr. & Mrs. Y. Kawamoto Mr & Mrs. Dennis Keller David Kempner Sara Kempner Jennifer Kew Tom Kilroy Mary King James F. Kinoshita & Merrillyn Kosier Ralph Kinser Matthew Morton Klein Anne Klingeberger Steven Koch Cheryl Kogut Kohl Children’s Museum David Korde & Family Bob Kornecki The Kramon Family Nancy & Rick Kreiter Christopher S. Krueger Biju Kulathakal Laura Kunberger Christine Kupfer Paul & Carla Labriola Michael Ladi Robin Lake & Rich Lesperance Dr. Brittany Lakin-Starr & David Starr Kelly Lambrinatos Jen Lane Landolt Corissa Landphair Linda M. Lane Jessica Lanford Ali Lange Julie Lasin Latino Policy Forum Laughing Acres Family Foundation Alexis Lavko Sarah LeBlanc Ralph R. Leslie Alice & David Letvin Lisa Levens Jill & John Levi Susan & Donald Levy Valerie Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Lifton Henry & Elsie Loeb Mary & Charles Lofgren Renee Low Susan & Stuart Lucas Claudia Luebbers Nancy & Maurice Marcus Marillac St. Vincent Family Services Mary & Melvin Marks Stephanie & Jonathan Marks Peggy Martay Janet Maruna, INCCRRA Shirley & Walter Massey Linda Matthew Sheila S. Matuscak Courtney Mayster & Elizabeth Houlihan Christopher McAdam Caroline McCarthy Lucinda & Michael McClain Ivy McDaniel McKnight Kurland Ariana L. Melendez The Blythe & David Mendelson Family Fund Marc & Laura Mengel Metropolitan Family Services Peggy & David Miller Talia Miller Barbara & Larry Millman James Mills Michael T. Miske Gary Missner William Montgomery Matt & Lucy Moog J. Clifford Moos Eve Moran Penni Morganstein & Willa Umansky Corinne S. Morrissey Joseph Morrow Rajiv & Bela Moté Michael Msall David Muschler & Ann Becker Kit & Sally Narodick Dr. Steven Nasatir Mohamed Ndoye Wendy Negron Kerri L. Neis Kathryn Nelson Hiking the Mountain (drawing) Rebecca Newman Patricia O’Keefe Wendy & Jason Olt Thomas G. Opferman Maureen O’Rourke Dana Parisi Michael A. Parker Robin & John Parsons Genie & John Parzakonis Eva & Bill Pearson Marshall Peck Staunton Peck Nicki Pecori Mandy Pekin Robert Perelman & Mary Lee Barker Janet Peterson Francessca Phillips Michelle Pinkert Susan Polachek Robin Porter Eric Prezant Clara Prouty Carole Pyle-Weaver Trish Rademacher Carol Rawls-Miller Chris Rhudy Jordan Rickles Pearl H. Rieger Adam Rife Marilynn & Chuck Rivkin Jessica Roche Harvey E. Rosenthal & Beverly A. Rosenthal Barbara Rosenwald Olivia Bea Ross Foundation Tim & Carol Rounds Lisa Salvatore Elizabeth Samuels Andrea Sandler Carolyn Saper Rachel & Luke Saunders David A. Scamardo Daniel & Marcy Schlessinger Owen Schnaper Ellen Averick Schor Laurent Schor Melissa Schumacher J. Schuster Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Dennis & Jeannie Scully Nancy Searle Laurie Sedio Daniel Shannon & Deborah Hagman-Shannon Ilene & Michael Shaw Charitable Trust Kate M. Sheehy Pam Sheffield Nancy Shier Susan Silver Rick & Bonnie Singer Suzanne Sitrin Jennifer Skok Marcia Slomowitz Arden & Charles Small Lisa Snow & Franco Turrinelli Martha Solomon Carol S. Sonnenschein Elizabeth Sonnenschein Sharon & Michael Stein A. Stengel, Abselet & Company Susan Stewart Liz Stiffel Julie & Bob Stracks Jessica Strausbaugh Thelma Leola Sturgis Connie & Howard Sulkin Mikela Sutrina Andrea H. Swank Terri & Allan Sweig Jaqueline & Bob Tacher Elaine Taussig & Thomas Duston TeamWorks Media Joan & Ken Thompson Amy S. Timm Amy Topel Nathan Tornow Natalia Torres Paul Tough & Paula Shapiro Jennifer Towbin & Dorian Guerra Linda & Walter Trittipo Stephen Turow David Umansky The United Neighborhood Organization University of Chicago GI Fellows Karen Ury Eric Vaandering Linda Vander Weele Isabel Vazquez Joseph Victor Matilda Walker Roberta L. Washlow Jackie Waugh Justin Weddle Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Weichselbaum David Weindling Richard Weininger Emily Wells Betsy Westhoff Julie & Dan Wheeler Robert L. White Jon Wier Joyce Wilson Kate Winston Marilyn & David Wittenberg Ellen K. Wondra The Wrigley Family Amie & Brian Wrubel WTTW and WFMT Xiaorong Wu YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago Joan C. Young Mary A. Young Mr. & Mrs. Hossein Youssefi Rickie Yudin Roberta B. Zabel Karolyn & Marvin Zelkin


Adler Planetarium Anne-Marie Akin AOL Baby Center Bloomberg Bump Club and Beyond Mary Jane Chainski Chicago Children’s Museum Chicago Public Library Chicago Public Schools Chicago Tribune Media Group Philip R. Cohen + Associates, Architects and Planners Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation Crain’s Chicago Business Division D Dynamic Solutions Group Deborah Epstein The Field Museum Garrett Consulting Go Consulting, LLC Google Groupon Growing Power Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Yvonne Jeffries Leroy Jones, J&L Associates Management, Inc. John A. Logan College MessageOps Microsoft Maeve O’Shiel Parents in the Ounce of Prevention Fund Programs Gail Kern Paster Amaniyea Payne Salesforce Sheppard Mullin Spaces For Play, Inc. Splash, A Chicago Sun-Times Publication Michelle Talbot Teachstone Jill Pilate Thompson U.S. Cellular VMware Pritay Washington King of Playtime (drawing)


Chicago Public Schools Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Illinois Department of Human Services Illinois State Board of Education US Department of Agriculture US Department of Education US Department of Health and Human Services
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Greater Illinois Offices, Partners & Sites

Map of Illinois YWCA of Rockford
Stephenson County Health Department
Easter Seals Children's Development Center
One Hope United Waukegan
Family Focus—DuPage
Children's Home + Aid
Teen Parent Connection
VNA Health Care
Family Focus—Aurora
Child Abuse Council
Aunt Martha's Riverdale Site
Catholic Charities of the
Archdiocese of Chicago/
Jadonal E. Ford Center for
Parenting Programs
Will County Health Department
First Step Child Care Center
Aunt Martha's Administration
Aunt Martha's Park Forest Center
Children's Home
Association of Illinois
Children's Home + Aid Society
Aunt Martha's Center for
Children's Services
Ounce Administrative Office
Sangamon County
Department of Public Health
Community Elements
Fayette County
Health Department
Behavioral Health Center
United Methodist
Children's Home

Chicago Offices, Partners & Sites

Map of Chicago Metropolitan Family Services
New Moms, Inc.
Christopher House
One Hope United
Edgewater Center
Advocate Illinois Masonic
Medical Center
Children's Place Association
Family Center
Children's Home + Aid VIVA
Casa Central Early
Learning Academy
Children's Place Association
Home Visiting
YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
West Side Healthy Beginnings
Marillac Social Center
Ounce Administrative Office
Family Focus—Lawndale
Pilsen Wellness Center
Unidos Formando Un Futuro
One Hope United Bridgeport Child
Development Center II
One Hope United Bridgeport Child
Development Center I
SGA Youth and Family Services
Centers for New Horizons
Dawson Center
Ounce Administrative Office
Educare Chicago
Healthy Parents and Babies
Metropolitan Family Services
Children's Home + Aid
Englewood Center
YWCA of Metropolitan
Chicago Young Parents
Family Focus—Englewood
Healthy Families Illinois
All Locations

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Aunt Martha's Administration

Aunt Martha's Center for Children's Services

Aunt Martha's Park Forest Center

Aunt Martha's Riverdale Site

Casa Central Community Service Center

Casa Central ABC

Casa Infantil

Catholic Charities of the Archdioceses of Chicago/Jadonal E. Ford Center for Parenting Programs

Centers for New Horizons Dawson Center

Child Abuse Council

Children's Home + Aid Englewood Center

Children's Home + Aid Society

Children's Home + Aid VIVA

Children's Home Association of Illinois

Children's Place Association Family Center

Children's Place Association Home Visiting

Christopher House

Community Elements

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center

Easter Seals Children's Development Center

Educare Chicago

Family Focus—Aurora

Family Focus—DuPage

Family Focus—Englewood Healthy Families Illinois

Family Focus— Lawndale

Fayette County Health Department

Healthy Parents and Babies

La Voz Latina

Marillac Social Center

Metropolitan Family Services

New Moms, Inc.

One Hope United Bridgeport Child Development Center I

One Hope United Bridgeport Child Development Center II

One Hope United Edgewater Center

One Hope United Waukegan

Ounce Administrative Office

Pilsen Wellness Center Unidos Formando Un Futuro

Sangamon County Department of Public Health

SGA Youth and Family Services

Shawnee Health Service and Development Corporation

Stephenson County Health Department

Teen Parent Connection

United Methodist Children's Home

VNA Health Care

Will County Health Department

YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago West Side Healthy Beginnings

YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago Young Parents Program

National Office, Partners & Sites

as of September 2015
National Office, Partners and Sites map (US)
The Ounce (logo)













New Mexico

New York




Washington, DC


Educare Learning Network (logo)

Arizona (Phoenix)


California at Silicon Valley

Central Maine (Waterville)



Kansas City, KS

Lincoln, NE



New Orleans

Oklahoma City

Omaha at Kellom

Omaha at Indian Hill


Tulsa at Kendall-Whittier

Tulsa at Hawthorne

Tulsa at MacArthur

Washington, DC

West DuPage

Winnebago, NE

First Five Years Fund (logo)
National Office

Washington, DC

Board of Directors

Irving B. Harris* ∞

Anne Lea Tuohy
Chairman of the Board

Billie Wright Adams, M.D.

Curt R. Bailey

Susan Baird

Denise A. Bunning

David Casper

Mawiyah Coates

Eloise H. Cornelius

Deborah Daro, Ph.D.

Kelly King Dibble

Mary N. Dillon

Derrick W. Dukes, Jr.

Marilyn Fields

Marquia Fields

Lula M. Ford

Bill Friend

Tom Gimbel

Keith Kiley Goldstein

Caryn Harris

David A. Helfand

Marcia “Rusty” Hellman

Alan King

Timothy J. Landon

Virginia F. Oviedo

Francessca Phillips

Isabel Navarrete Polsky, M.D.

Raul I. Raymundo

Dick Rothkopf*

Cari B. Sacks

Manuel “Manny” Sanchez

Diana Sands

Jean Schlemmer

Catherine M. Siegel*

Harrison I. Steans

Anne Lea Tuohy

Helen Zell

Honorary Founding Directors
Paul Metzger*
Bernice Weissbourd

Past Board Chairs
Robert Heaton
Norm Katz ∞
Joyce Skoog ∞

Affiliate Board

Hannah Bloom-Hirschberg

Megan Canfield

Annie Davis

Rachel Gross

Cabray Haines

Lea Jesse

Sara Kempner

Dan Kuruna

Alexis Lavko

Christopher D. Miller

Staunton Peck

Cheryl Simon

Jessica Strausbaugh

Amy S. Timm

Executive Team

Diana Mendley Rauner

Sarah Bradley
Chief Operating Officer

Claire Dunham
Senior Vice President, Programs and Training

Anita Puri
Chief Marketing Officer

Tony Raden
Senior Vice President, Research and Policy Initiatives

Elliot Regenstein
Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Policy

Cynthia Stringfellow
Senior Vice President, Educare Learning Network

Susan Ben
Vice President, Information Technology and Management

Barbara Hoffman
Vice President, Development

Ann Kirwan
Vice President, Strategy and Partnerships

Amy Lusk
Vice President, Educare Learning Network

Eli Rosario
Vice President, Finance

Janelle Weldin-Frisch
Vice President, Training


Kris Perry
Executive Director

*Past board chair    ∞ Deceased